Monday, November 12, 2018


Periods 1 and 4
Tues- QUIZ on The Canterbury Tales (42 points)
**Worksheets due (50 points)
**Charts due (75 points)

We will start a new, short nonfiction passage and recieve one more writing assignment ("Contemporary Tale") this will.

Periods 3 and 8
Tues- Sonnet 130 Activity
Weds- Remaining Sonnets
Thurs- Sonnet Quiz
Fri- Practice AP Poetry Essay

Monday, November 5, 2018


Periods 1 and 4
*Character Charts will be collected
*Worksheets will be collected
*Essays will be collected

Work days for worksheets and essays in class- Monday and Tuesday 

Periods 3 and 8 
We will be primarily studying poetry in class over the next few weeks.

Out-of-Class Assignments:
1984 Part 3 Take-Home Quiz due Tuesday, 11/6
Critical Review due Tuesday, 11/13 
Article Response due Friday, 11/16
VOCAB QUIZ 3- Friday, 11/9
QUIZ on Sonnets (in-class)- Thurs. 11/15

Monday, October 29, 2018

Week of 10-29

Periods 3 and 8 

Mon- Part 3, Chapters I-II
Tues- Q3 Essay Review, take-home quizzes due
Weds- The rest of the novel, article response and take-home essay assignments
Thurs- Overall Thematic Discussion question
Fri- Shakespeare Lecture 

Periods 1 and 4 
Canterbury Tales Test- Monday, 11/5
Worksheets and Essays due Monday, 11/5

Monday, October 22, 2018

Week of 10-22

Periods 3 and 8
Mon- Part 2, Chapters I-III; Essay tests due  
Tues- IV-VI (136-159) 
Weds- Practice Q3 Essay   
Thurs- VII-Middle of IX (bottom of 199)   
Fri- The rest of Chapter IX-X (199-224)

Periods 1 and 4
We will continue reading The Canterbury Tales this week; make sure you are keeping up with your character charts.  No essays or outside projects are due at this time.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Week of 10-15

Periods 1 and 4
Monday- Quiz on Unit 1 Nonfiction
Tuesday- Introduction to Unit 2
Weds.-Fri.- The Canterbury Tales this week. 

Periods 3 and 8
Monday- 1984 Chapters 1 and 2 Discussion
Tuesday- 1984 Chapters 3-5 Discussion
Wednesday- Practice Prose Essay Review
Thursday- 1984 Rest of Part One Discussion
Friday- Vocab Quiz 2

There are no writing assignments due; all APA and LotF papers should be handed in by now.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Week of 10-8

PERIODS 1 and 4

Tuesday- Complete In-Class Essays and Open-Book Tests
Wednesday- Unit 1 Nonfiction
Thursday- Continuing Unit 1 Nonfiction
Friday- Open-Book Quiz on Unit 1 Nonfiction

PERIODS 3 and 8

Tuesday- AP Practice Essay
Wednesday- Dystopian Short Story Discussion
Thursday- Practice AP Multiple Choice Questions
Friday- Review of Practices Questions

We will soon begin reading 1984.  Books will be distributed this week.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Week of 10/1

Periods 1 and 4
Mon- Whole-Class Coverage of Unit 1 Poetry
Tues- Review of Unit 1 Poetry
Weds- Unit 1 Poetry In-Class Essay
Thurs- QUIZ on Unit 1 Poetry (Textbook Work and In-Class Essays Collected)
Fri- Finish any remaining work due

Periods 3 and 8
Mon- LotF Chapters 9 and 10
Tues- LotF Final Discussion
Weds- Renn. Faire Trip (most students will be attending)
Thurs- LotF Essay Test + New Short Writing Assignment (Due MONDAY, 10/15)
Fri- APA Research Rough Drafts returned + Mini Lessons (Final Drafts due FRIDAY, 10/12)